Chris Cheeney

Chris Cheeney

Chris Cheeney is a self-confessed spreadsheet wizard, accountant, coach and salon owner. Whilst he helped his wife grow her business he developed the "Your Salon Success System", and now runs his own accountancy practice (CDC Accounting) working with salon owners all over the UK. Specifically, he focuses on helping salon owners simplify the accounting process and enables them to pull the most important information from their accounts, supporting their businesses' profitability. Launched in 2020, Chris Cheeney's "Grow Your Salon Profits" coaching business will help salon owners implement the "Your Salon Success System" giving salons clarity on what sales they need to achieve to live the life they want to live.


Areas of Expertise

Cash Management
Coaching by Numbers


"There isn't anything I wouldn't recommend about Chris & his incredibly friendly team at CDC accounting. I've tried small accountants (not physically challenged - one man bands), cheap accountants, company accountants, local - go sit in their office - accountants... the list goes on. CDC are on another level. Supremely organised, efficient, 'think outside of the box' advice. More than just accountants. There isn't any financial aspect they don't seem to be able to support my business in providing. And the thing that makes it very easy for me to spend my money on - genuine, thoughtful, client centred people, offering a service with absolutely transparent pricing. Excellent value for money, best decision I ever made."